Bright Idea - Lighting to Enhance Your Outdoor Living

When I think of creating a unique, high end garden and walkway, a crucial aspect that comes to mind is lighting. My thoughts go to everything from keeping my family and guests safe, to enhancing the design of my outdoor space.

By lighting the edges of the beds and walkways I will also be protecting my landscaping features and plants from family and friends stepping on them.

In going to the length of adding lighting I will be drawing attention to all the special features that I am proud of.

Personally, I like to see the lighting staggered, not in a cluster in one spot. For me it must be a balanced look in order to have appeal, OCD, maybe!

When it comes to the actual decision making of which lights to purchase, that’s the hard part. So many products to choose from. Knowing that certain lights do certain jobs, that is where I start.

At LP Landscape Plus Inc., we sell Kichler Lighting.

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Delivering Quality, Efficiency and Professionalism

I have been blessed to work at a place that puts a great emphasis on safety, especially when it comes to deliveries. Delivering everything in a safe manner is a skill our drivers poses.

Our full-time driver, Paul, has years of experience delivering our products in bulk, therefore less plastic, which is better for the environment. Paul is often approached by customers with questions about product and is glad to share his wealth of knowledge.

Whether you need a flat-bed, pick-up, dump truck, or a skid steer, when it comes to delivering your landscape needs, you can be assured that we have the resources to get the product to you.

When you buy your materials from LP they are charged separate from your delivery – known as the fair way. Meaning that you pay for the material that is needed, and a separate flat fee for delivery.

LP’s delivery zone services many areas, Guelph, Fergus, Elora, Elmira, Waterloo, Kitchener and surrounding areas. Our delivery service of bulk materials will be dumped loosely, onto the area you have designated as the drop spot, on your driveway/property.

Early spring, we often have a delivery special, so please call and take advantage of getting your product delivered at a discount, or for FREE.

Get The Scoop on Poop!!!

Get the Poop On healthy Gardens


Have you ever thought you could handle poop with your bare hands? Well you can.

Nincompoop is what it’s called and I use it on all my flower beds, and I dig in with both hands. It works like mulch and feeds like compost.

My customers have given me testimonials, about how huge and abundant their tomato plants get when they use Nincompoop on their vegetable gardens.

I love using Nincompoop because:

                Suppresses weeds like a mulch

                Organic; compost, manure and straw

                Wood free; great for termite zones

Sterilized; love this part, Nincompoop is heat treated to ensure no weeds, and you can safely handle it

                Great soil Amendment, with Water retention properties


One of the things I learned that made me happy about using this product is that the

Earth Worms love Nincompoop. It is especially designed to encourage their development.


We are the proud manufacturer and distributor of Nincompoop.

Drop in, or phone in, to order your bagged or bulk order of Nincompoop.

“Get the scoop today”


Janice D

Mulching - Elevating The Look To Your Home or Business

My Boss has asked me to do a few blogs, telling you about some of the products we sell. Please bare with me as I attempt to lure you into reading what I have to say. What I share, I have learned through several years of working with the products, and from my own personal experience doing home gardening.

I can’t express how excited I get when it’s time to mulch. On my property I mulch under all the trees and in the flower beds. Generally, for me, Auburn is the color, I like the texture and it compliments my property.

Once I have each bed weeded and raked level, I like to edge to redefine and give each bed a crisp look. If this is all done properly prior to mulching, I find I have little, if any maintenance for the rest of the summer.

At the start of my mulching experience, some of my questions, along with some advise:

                Does quality matter;       don’t let price be the determining factor in purchasing mulch.

Buy from an established company, such as LP Landscape Plus Inc, with a reputation for providing top quality mulch, from a reputable Vendor


Do I need to remove the old mulch every year;

 no, there should be from 4”-6” of mulch down. If                                         

you feel there is to much remove some. Then each year put 1”-2” down to top up and add color.


                Should I put mulch right up to the root of the tree or plant;

NO. To be clear mulch is great for trees and plants, but If it’s piled up too close, it can choke the tree/plant, cutting off the water supply, causing decaying diseases, like fungi.


                Other than aesthetics why should I mulch;

                                                                Mulching conditions the soil by adding more organic material

                                                                Places a protective barrier – preventing frost heaving

                                                                Increases moisture retention, and root zone cooling

                                                                Keeps rain water from eroding soil

                                                                Welcomes earth worms


Please drop in to see me at LP Landscape Plus Inc., to further your mulching experience, order online, or just call me and put in your order.

We offer delivery if needed, or I can load your pick up or trailer at our yard with fresh mulch.

                                                No time like now to get Mulching!!!


Janice D

The Grass Can be Greener on Your Side

Have You ever wondered how it is that some people can have such LUSH, RICH, FLOURISHING LAWNS? Since I’ve been working at LP Landscape Plus, I have learned a thing or two. I learned that if you want your lawn to be envied by all your neighbors, OVERSEEDING is your answer!

I usually overseed my lawn some time in the first to weeks of May to get great germination. Since I started overseeding, my lawn is showing less weed growth, its thicker, there are no more bare spots and most of all it looks marvelous

The Root to your SUCCESS:

1.) Use the right Premium Grass Seed

2.) Rake your lawn prior to Seeding

3.) Use a Compost to top up those bare spots (I highly recommend using Nincompoop)

4.) Use a Spreader (This helps optimize even and full coverage)

5.) Turn your fan rake upside down and gently work the seed into the lawn

When it comes to watering, I find that once in the morning for 14 days will all do the trick! it only takes 10 min to do. If you get carried away with watering, it could wash away your seeds and soil. I also usually do the fertilizing of the seed once the seed has established.

For the Eco-Friendly folks I have a little Blurb:

Turf grasses help purify water entering our underground aquifers; root mass and soil microbes act as filters to capture and break down any types of pollutants.

Now, every summer I get compliment on how lush, rich, healthy and thick my lawn is. Everyone always asks me what my secret is, and now I can tell you too! IT’S OVERSEEDING!

Below I have attached all the locally supplied prenium grass seeds. And the mixtures I found work to obtain the best results. Remember not all grass seeds are the same and each have a specific use. I would love to discuss them with you. If you have any questions, leve a comment or come in and see me at LP Landscape Plus Inc.

Overseed Blends

50% Certified Perennial Ryegrass

50% Certified Self-Repairing Perennial Ryegrass

Super Grow Mixture

30% Kentucky Blue Grass

40% Creeping Red Fescue

30% Certified Self-Repairing Perennial Ryegrass

Sun and Shade

25% Certified Kentucky Bluegrass

45% Certified Chewing Fescue

30% Cwertified Self-Repairing Perennial Ryegrass

-Janice D.-