Mulching - Elevating The Look To Your Home or Business

My Boss has asked me to do a few blogs, telling you about some of the products we sell. Please bare with me as I attempt to lure you into reading what I have to say. What I share, I have learned through several years of working with the products, and from my own personal experience doing home gardening.

I can’t express how excited I get when it’s time to mulch. On my property I mulch under all the trees and in the flower beds. Generally, for me, Auburn is the color, I like the texture and it compliments my property.

Once I have each bed weeded and raked level, I like to edge to redefine and give each bed a crisp look. If this is all done properly prior to mulching, I find I have little, if any maintenance for the rest of the summer.

At the start of my mulching experience, some of my questions, along with some advise:

                Does quality matter;       don’t let price be the determining factor in purchasing mulch.

Buy from an established company, such as LP Landscape Plus Inc, with a reputation for providing top quality mulch, from a reputable Vendor


Do I need to remove the old mulch every year;

 no, there should be from 4”-6” of mulch down. If                                         

you feel there is to much remove some. Then each year put 1”-2” down to top up and add color.


                Should I put mulch right up to the root of the tree or plant;

NO. To be clear mulch is great for trees and plants, but If it’s piled up too close, it can choke the tree/plant, cutting off the water supply, causing decaying diseases, like fungi.


                Other than aesthetics why should I mulch;

                                                                Mulching conditions the soil by adding more organic material

                                                                Places a protective barrier – preventing frost heaving

                                                                Increases moisture retention, and root zone cooling

                                                                Keeps rain water from eroding soil

                                                                Welcomes earth worms


Please drop in to see me at LP Landscape Plus Inc., to further your mulching experience, order online, or just call me and put in your order.

We offer delivery if needed, or I can load your pick up or trailer at our yard with fresh mulch.

                                                No time like now to get Mulching!!!


Janice D