Get The Scoop on Poop!!!

Get the Poop On healthy Gardens


Have you ever thought you could handle poop with your bare hands? Well you can.

Nincompoop is what it’s called and I use it on all my flower beds, and I dig in with both hands. It works like mulch and feeds like compost.

My customers have given me testimonials, about how huge and abundant their tomato plants get when they use Nincompoop on their vegetable gardens.

I love using Nincompoop because:

                Suppresses weeds like a mulch

                Organic; compost, manure and straw

                Wood free; great for termite zones

Sterilized; love this part, Nincompoop is heat treated to ensure no weeds, and you can safely handle it

                Great soil Amendment, with Water retention properties


One of the things I learned that made me happy about using this product is that the

Earth Worms love Nincompoop. It is especially designed to encourage their development.


We are the proud manufacturer and distributor of Nincompoop.

Drop in, or phone in, to order your bagged or bulk order of Nincompoop.

“Get the scoop today”


Janice D