Delivering Quality, Efficiency and Professionalism

I have been blessed to work at a place that puts a great emphasis on safety, especially when it comes to deliveries. Delivering everything in a safe manner is a skill our drivers poses.

Our full-time driver, Paul, has years of experience delivering our products in bulk, therefore less plastic, which is better for the environment. Paul is often approached by customers with questions about product and is glad to share his wealth of knowledge.

Whether you need a flat-bed, pick-up, dump truck, or a skid steer, when it comes to delivering your landscape needs, you can be assured that we have the resources to get the product to you.

When you buy your materials from LP they are charged separate from your delivery – known as the fair way. Meaning that you pay for the material that is needed, and a separate flat fee for delivery.

LP’s delivery zone services many areas, Guelph, Fergus, Elora, Elmira, Waterloo, Kitchener and surrounding areas. Our delivery service of bulk materials will be dumped loosely, onto the area you have designated as the drop spot, on your driveway/property.

Early spring, we often have a delivery special, so please call and take advantage of getting your product delivered at a discount, or for FREE.