Bright Idea - Lighting to Enhance Your Outdoor Living

When I think of creating a unique, high end garden and walkway, a crucial aspect that comes to mind is lighting. My thoughts go to everything from keeping my family and guests safe, to enhancing the design of my outdoor space.

By lighting the edges of the beds and walkways I will also be protecting my landscaping features and plants from family and friends stepping on them.

In going to the length of adding lighting I will be drawing attention to all the special features that I am proud of.

Personally, I like to see the lighting staggered, not in a cluster in one spot. For me it must be a balanced look in order to have appeal, OCD, maybe!

When it comes to the actual decision making of which lights to purchase, that’s the hard part. So many products to choose from. Knowing that certain lights do certain jobs, that is where I start.

At LP Landscape Plus Inc., we sell Kichler Lighting.

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