The Grass Can be Greener on Your Side

Have You ever wondered how it is that some people can have such LUSH, RICH, FLOURISHING LAWNS? Since I’ve been working at LP Landscape Plus, I have learned a thing or two. I learned that if you want your lawn to be envied by all your neighbors, OVERSEEDING is your answer!

I usually overseed my lawn some time in the first to weeks of May to get great germination. Since I started overseeding, my lawn is showing less weed growth, its thicker, there are no more bare spots and most of all it looks marvelous

The Root to your SUCCESS:

1.) Use the right Premium Grass Seed

2.) Rake your lawn prior to Seeding

3.) Use a Compost to top up those bare spots (I highly recommend using Nincompoop)

4.) Use a Spreader (This helps optimize even and full coverage)

5.) Turn your fan rake upside down and gently work the seed into the lawn

When it comes to watering, I find that once in the morning for 14 days will all do the trick! it only takes 10 min to do. If you get carried away with watering, it could wash away your seeds and soil. I also usually do the fertilizing of the seed once the seed has established.

For the Eco-Friendly folks I have a little Blurb:

Turf grasses help purify water entering our underground aquifers; root mass and soil microbes act as filters to capture and break down any types of pollutants.

Now, every summer I get compliment on how lush, rich, healthy and thick my lawn is. Everyone always asks me what my secret is, and now I can tell you too! IT’S OVERSEEDING!

Below I have attached all the locally supplied prenium grass seeds. And the mixtures I found work to obtain the best results. Remember not all grass seeds are the same and each have a specific use. I would love to discuss them with you. If you have any questions, leve a comment or come in and see me at LP Landscape Plus Inc.

Overseed Blends

50% Certified Perennial Ryegrass

50% Certified Self-Repairing Perennial Ryegrass

Super Grow Mixture

30% Kentucky Blue Grass

40% Creeping Red Fescue

30% Certified Self-Repairing Perennial Ryegrass

Sun and Shade

25% Certified Kentucky Bluegrass

45% Certified Chewing Fescue

30% Cwertified Self-Repairing Perennial Ryegrass

-Janice D.-