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When you want to start a project, the first question is, what will is cost? Well, we have put together a little budget builder to get you started.

Below you will find common landscape projects that may be apart of your outdoor living space.

Front Entry Ways

Simple Entry Way: 9 - 16K

Front entrances not only add curb appeal, but they also enhance the unique character of your Home. They are functional yet stunning. Include a short walkway, a couple of natural stone steps, and a small garden landscape to enhance your front yard.

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Standard Entry Way: 16 - 25K

Looking for front an entrance that makes the neighbors look or the cars slow down? Let our design team create a medium sized walkway, with landscape lighting, natural stone steps, possible landing, and stunning gardens.

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Grande Entry Way: 26 - 40K & Up

The showstopper, the eye-catching house which won’t be missed and makes the neighbourhood talk. Let our design team create a large entryway with detailed walkways, natural stone steps, landing(s), landscape lighting, natural stone walls, and gardens full of color.

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Interlocking Stone Driveways

Simple Driveway: 10 - 15K

Looking to add a little flare to driveway. A single car driveway that fits 1-2 cars would fall into this category. This includes excavation, a mid range paver with matching border, proper polymeric sand and of course the look.

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Standard Driveway: 15 - 30K

Have that tired looking asphalt driveway! Then look no further, add a gorgeous interlock paver driveway. A standard driveway fitting 4-6 cars, single or double width, an elegant border stone with contrasting paver inlay. Make all the neighbours jealous with this look.

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Grande Driveway: 30K & Up

The biggest investment on your property is your house, the driveway should be the same. Let's take elegant patterns, inlay patterns and unique patterns to the next level. All the look and functionality that a driveway should be. This category will not only be functional but it will be a show stopper, watch those neighbors slow down to look.

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Armor Stone Walls

Simple Wall: 5 - 10K

Need a simple natural stone armor stone wall? The timeless beauty of a stone wall to retain a slope in your outdoor space. A wall two stones high in your front or side yard falls in this category. This includes excavation, base prep, drainage and stone.

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Standard Wall: 20 - 25K

Have an uneven or sloped section of your yard? A well-designed natural armor stone wall can allow a not so nice uneven area to become much more functional. Let our design team fix those hard to look at spaces, so that your family can enjoy it.

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Grande Wall: 30K & Up

Let’s get serious! Large retaining walls can make the most of your space, retaining back soil, slopes, and even hillsides. Armor stone is a great alternative to manufactured stone. We do both and the good news is that we can walk you through both types. We look after all the engineering details, permits and city requirements. Let our design team make the most of your outdoor space.

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Let’s get serious! Large retaining walls can make the most of your space, retaining back soil, slopes, and even hillsides. Armor stone is a great alternative to manufactured stone. We do both and the good news is that we can walk you through both types. We look after all the engineering details, permits and city requirements. Let our design team make the most of your outdoor space.

Shoreline Waterfront Improvements

We have completed several shoreline projects at Bellwood Lake Conestogo Lake. We work with the GRCA on your behalf to get all required permits.

Simple Wall: 15 - 20K

Looking to clean up that shoreline? A simple 2 course natural stone wall can take that drab looking waterfront to fabulous. Let our design team make the boats slow down.

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Standard Wall: 25 - 35K

Looking for that shoreline to be cleaned up and still have access to the water? Let our design team draw up a detailed natural stone wall and natural stone steps. This will not only beautify that shoreline but keep full access to the water below.

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Grande Wall: 50K & Up

Looking for that shoreline to be cleaned up, keep access, and create the WOW factor! Let our design team draw up a full shoreline upgrade with natural stone walls, natural stone steps for access, a fire pit area, landscape lighting and even an outdoor sound system to keep you out late. Sit back and watch the boats slow down at awe of your new shoreline.

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Retaining Walls

Looking for elevation or to safely move along a slope terrain. We often deal with slopes where retaining walls are required. The options are endless with the type of stone now available. Let our design team create that outdoor space so its functional yet spectacular.

Simple Wall: 10 - 15K

Simple retaining walls that bring unique front curb appeal. Let our design team create a small, raised planter bed.

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Standard Wall: 25k - 35K

Standard retaining walls, sometimes need engineering and sometimes not. If you’re looking for a standard retaining wall to support soil, or a slope then look no further. Let our design team make the most of your outdoor space. Typically walls in tight access backyards fall in this category.

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Interlocking Stone Patios

Simple Interlock Patio: 10-15K

Looking to add a simple entertaining area outside? Most patios falling into a 12’ x 12’ size, round, square or rectangle will fall into this category.

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Standard Interlock Patio: 15-25K

Looking to add a little more room, have a few more guests stay to tell stories? A standard 14’x16’ patio, round, square or rectangle with contrasting border or some funky curves. Then look no further, this one will keep your friends/guests out late.

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Grande Interlock Patio: 25K & Up

Looking for the wow factor! Add a patio with curves, steps, different elevations, in lays and gorgeous patterns. This one will might keep your friends/guests from wanting to go home. Typically larger patios with much more detail fall into thus category.

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Garden Design & Installation

Simple Garden Design: 5-7K

Looking for a little DIY! Add a simple garden to any front or backyard space. This includes excavation, soil amendments & mulching.

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Standard Planting Plan: 8 - 15K

Looking for impact! Add a medium sized garden to any front or backyard space. This includes a specimen planting, shrubs, perennials, and lighting.

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Grande Planting Plan: 16 - 24K & Up

The ultimate planting plans. Our design team will create that beautiful planting plan & WOW factor to make the neighbours jealous. “We have been doing this since 1998”.

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Landscape Lighting

Simple Lighting Plan: 2.5 - 3.5K

Our lighting design team will design & execute a simple lighting plan with 7-10 fixtures. This will highlight walkways, steps & front entrances. This includes professional grade landscape fixtures, transformer with photocell & a 15-year warranty.

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Standard Lighting Plan: 7 - 15K

Add professional grade lighting to your front or back outdoor space, typically 20-30 fixtures. Highlight architectural features, trees, shrubs, walkways, patios, and water features. This includes professional grade fixtures, transformer, and a WIFI/Bluetooth control.

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Grande Lighting Plan: 16 - 24K & Up

Make your biggest investment stand out with an elegant lighting plan. Our lighting design team will create that look from front to back. Highlighting your house, pavilions, pergolas, and all things in between. Enjoy your outdoor living space all year round!

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Outdoor Sound

Simple System: 4 - 6K

Music is always good for the soul. This 4 set 8ohm tweeter & buried subwoofer system will bring great quality high-fidelity sound to any outdoor space. Includes 4 4.5” garden speakers, 8” in-ground subwoofer, 100W amplifier and Bluetooth control.

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Standard System: 6 - 14K

Always streaming that favorite tune! The 70V outdoor system is the way to go. With very little loss in sound output, the ability to create tunes in medium sized spaces (2500sqft – 3000sqft) and lifetime warranty, how could you not add music. Includes 4 6” outdoor tweeters, 10” in-ground buried subwoofer, 1000W Crown amp and seamless streaming with VSSL.

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Grande System: - 15K & Up

With lifetime warranty and the ability to bring sound to any space, this customizable system is sure to get everyone dancing. Includes a mix of tweeters, multiple buried subwoofers, or on grade, surface mounted directional speakers for inside pavilions or pergolas, 1000W + amplifier and VSSL for streaming. Let our design team bring the party to life in all the outdoor living spaces we’ve helped to create.

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Pondless Water Features & Bubbling Rocks

Simple Water Feature: 2 - 4K

Bring the sound of water to your outdoor space with very little work or maintenance. Includes self contained basin, pump, plumbing, and a small drilled natural stone or fiberglass feature.

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Standard Water Feature: 5 - 10K

Achieve that focal! The sound of water is relaxing, peaceful & soothing. Includes a medium sized drilled natural stone, Basalt columns, or large fiberglass feature, lighting & WIFI control.

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Grande Water Feature: 15 - 25K & Up

Bring the WOW factor with a disappearing river. The self-contained rush & rapids of water crashing over and around natural stone will surely bring tranquility and maybe an afternoon siesta. With little maintenance this natural disappearing river with look like it has always been there.

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Fire Features

Simple Fire Feature: 3 - 5K

The coveted wood burning fire feature. Burn those logs, the smell is unbelievable. Includes excavation, metal ring in the ground and decorative rockery around the ring.

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Standard Fire Feature: 6 - 10K

Outdoor fire always gets people to gather around, have great conversations, laughs and maybe a bevy. With a lifetime warranty, natural gas or propane, the look of real fire, using half the amount of fuel of any competitor’s burner, only orange flame and all the decorative fire bling, our fire features are showstoppers! Built with either natural stone or custom manufactured stone kits, proper venting and shut offs these are becoming a staple in any outdoor living space.

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Grande Fire Feature: 10 - 15K & up

Limited on space or want that cleaner look. These linear outdoor fire features, manufactured in Canada, get built just like that indoor fireplace, the only exception, these are outdoor rated, stainless steel and set to be the focal point. Available in 36”, 48” & 72” burner lengths, natural gas or propane and a complete customized surround, what’s not to love about a fire feature outdoors.

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Simple Steppingstone Path

$300 per piece

Mega flag steppingstone walkways are one of a kind, lets our design team create a simple walkway or small patio with natural stone.

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Mega Flagstone Patio

Standard Patio: 10 - 15k

Mega flagstone patios also known as 5-point flagstone are all custom cut to minimize joints to 1”. Even though they are custom cut the natural beauty remains. Let our design team create that stunning natural stone patio. Typical size is based on a 12' x 12' patio or seating area.

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