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Providing timely snow and ice removal services

Our team of trained professionals can be counted on throughout the winter season to provide timely snow and ice removal services at your property. We have the equipment to efficiently plow and salt any sized property. We invest in the best equipment, technology, and people to ensure properties are kept as safe as possible throughout the winter. Several of our staff are trained in SmartAboutSalt as well as sit on the Board of Directors for the Snow and Ice Committee for Landscape Ontario. We take snow seriously and care for your properties as if it was our own. We are constantly researching better methods of ice melting and snow control practices. This includes use of treated salt, brine salt, beet juice brine, presalting techniques, and live edge plow blades.

Customer service is a top priority during the winter season. If you call – we answer. We are available 24/7 during the winter months to all our snow clients to ensure you are always kept up to date during a snow event. In addition, GPS reports can be produced along with invoices so you have the satisfaction of knowing exactly what you are paying for.

All of our trucks, salters, plows, and sidewalk crews are equipped with GPS tracking. This is imperative to have if there is ever a liability claim on the property. We can track exactly when our crews were on site, how long they were there, and what services were completed. Many past claims against the properties we have serviced have been dismissed or minimized after seeing the detailed reports and service records.

In addition, we also offer daily site visits throughout the winter. Not only are our teams assessing the safety of the property from snow and ice, but we also check the fascia off the building, any potential drainage issues, damages to the property, potholes developing. We are the onsite eyes of the building managers and property owners looking out for the entire health of the property.

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