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We maintain healthy green lawns, so you don’t have to. A healthy green lawn increases curb appeal and creates a perfect scenery and space for outdoor living. Our services include grass cutting, fertilization, weed control, aeration, pruning and trimming and a general property cleanup to remove any debris or garbage. Our new green, solar powered equipment division that will be rapidly expanding to eventually equip all our property maintenance crews. Our teams service properties of all sizes including large commercial and residential properties.

When choosing your property maintenance professionals, you now have the option of a greener, environmentally friendly alternative. Our friendly, professional staff are now equipped with battery-powered equipment, charged by the sun!

In addition to a socially conscious decision in choosing a service provider that is helping reduce toxic emissions, the noise levels of the equipment are dramatically reduced.

Think of the sound of an electric golf cart, that is the same noise level that comes from the large riding lawn mowers. No more loud mowers and blowers interrupting your meetings or morning coffee.

For the corporate client, we also offer daily litter pickup on the properties, ensuring that all waste is properly disposed of and that recyclables do not end up with regular waste. This also helps keep a clean, professional look to the property and is a tool to help identify any larger maintenance issues that may be upcoming such as asphalt repair, downspout cleaning or replacement, building façade maintenance, or tree removal, or pruning.

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