LandscapingThe Benefits of Planters to your Landscape

June 2, 2022

Planters are an easy and effective way to bring life and vibrance to your home or business this summer. Garden planters are containers used to hold many plants outdoors. Planters and ‘pots’ are often used interchangeably. However, pots are generally smaller, round, may contain one plant, and can be used indoors. Planters are great for homes with little to no garden space, temporary planting, and landscaping as you can simply pick them up and move them around as needed.

From homes to commercial businesses, urban centers, and even schools, here are 5 benefits garden planters can bring to your property.

1. It can increase the resale value of your property

The indoor and outdoor environments of your home are both evaluated when you’re looking to sell. Having your home professionally landscaped can give a positive reaction to people and improve the resale value of your home. It can also help yours stand out from other homes in your neighborhood. In homes with limited landscapes or urban centers, the use of hanging planters or pots can enhance the visual appearance of the property while maximizing the space.

2. It helps attract more customers to your business

Planters provide a simple way to introduce greenery to commercial landscapes. Commercial outdoor planters can create appealing customer spaces for businesses. It can provide much-needed color to busy city streets which may appear dull. Restaurants, for example, can use planters to create privacy for outdoor dining areas. Integrating planters with public benches, streets, and walkways provide a simple way to ensure people can spend more time in business areas and impact the environment positively.

3. It protects your ornamental plants from destruction and weeds

Being containers, planters can protect your favorite and precious plants from being trampled by people and animals. For plants that like to take over gardens such as Japanese wisteria or mint, planters such as raised beds can help contain invasive plants from spreading their seeds and taking over other parts of your landscape.

4. You can create flexible gardens

If you ever get bored with the same landscape over a few years, our team at LP can give you an easy landscape makeover. We can blend, rearrange, or provide brand new planters to give your property a fresh new look and improve its value.

5. You save money on maintenance

You can find yourself with fewer maintenance costs such as water as planters can retain water and prevent fertilizers from being washed away.

What kind of planter boxes are right for me?

So, you’ve decided to get a planter for your property but are not sure which type is best or where to start? As landscape professionals, we can help you find and install the right type of planters for you and your property.

1. Raised beds planters or container gardening

Simply put these are garden beds elevated from the ground. Raised bed gardening is also known as container gardening and it can be used in small and large spaces. They are also the better option ergonomically as working with an elevated garden bed means less strain on your neck, back, and shoulders. However, some raised beds do not have access to the bottom to allow better drainage and deep root growth.

2. Floor planters

These are usually very large containers, grounded and are ideal for growing trees or bushes such as rubber plants.

3. Hanging planters

These are popular for balconies or decks and can be used to add vibrance all around the exterior of your home. In the winter seasons, they can be brought inside and used as houseplants.

But what materials should my planters be made of?

Choosing a container for your plants depends on a few factors such as, what conditions they can survive in, and will they need to be moved around? what the mature size of the plant is or how many plants will be combined in one container? Planter boxes can be made from a variety of materials such as clay (terra cotta), ceramic, plastic, wood, glass, metal, stone and concrete. All have different prices, cons, and benefits. Our team at Landscape Plus can help you find the right kind of planters for your property.

This summer, add vibrancy and value to your residential or commercial property with planters from Landscape Plus Inc. Our team has over 20 years of experience in design and on-site construction. We focus on creating uniquely desirable landscapes that are functional and unique in style including designing spaces with a variety of planters. Contact us today at 519-576-1414 or info@enjoyoutdoorliving for a consultation.

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