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August 22, 20220

Your front yard gives your neighbors, guests, and potential buyers the first impression of your home. Investing in front yard landscaping is a great way to achieve curb appeal. Curb appeal refers to how attractive your home’s exterior and landscape are when viewed from your street. Front yard landscaping offers benefits like improving the value of your home and the chances of selling your home faster.

There are many elements that can be included in your front yard landscaping project to add curb appeal, such as:

1. Building a well-designed walkway and driveway:

Your front walkway and driveway should be appropriately scaled to your home, be visually appealing and make your home look inviting. For dramatic improvements to your walkway, stone is an excellent material to use to improve landscape aesthetics. It also works very well as garden pathways. You can add colored concrete resurfacing to an existing walkway for a more subtle look. In standard asphalt driveways, installing a border of Belgian blocks or cement pavers along the edges can add a more luxurious look.

2. Boulders and stone accents:

A rock garden can be a beautiful addition to your front lawn if appropriately organized. They are also ideal in neighborhoods where it may be difficult for plants to thrive. Complement the vegetation in your front yard with rocks that look like they have already been a part of the natural landscape. Armor stones, river rocks, and stone walkways are great for creating a textured design for your font landscape. Large boulders or rocks can soften the look of various plants in a bed. Creating layers of pebbles alongside your concrete walkways and plant beds can add visual interest to your front landscape.

3. Wow viewers with waterworks:

You don’t need to buy a house near a lake or stream to enjoy the calming sounds of water. Water fountains or artificial stone waterfalls can be designed to add an aesthetic element to a fully paved front yard.  It can create height in your landscape and be used to control foot and vehicle flow in front of your home.

4. Light it up:

Outdoor lighting is perfect for nighttime curb appeal landscaping and making walkways visible. You can arrange low-voltage lighting in trees or around your house’s exterior. Plan to include a variety of fixtures and lighting types to give your front yard a charming glow at night. Consider installing motion sensor lights near your front door or walkway for a cost-effective solution. Solar fixtures are also a low-maintenance way to illuminate your front yard gardens.

5. Include border edging and mulch to plantings:

This is typically the easiest and cheapest landscaping option. Border edging and mulch can keep your flower beds clean and tidy and prevent weeds from invading. Add a new layer of mulch to restore color taken away from your flower beds by sunlight and harsh weather. If your existing plant beds look old, you can upgrade to stone, decorative cast, or concrete edging systems for better curb appeal landscaping.

6. Make a statement with your front and garage doors:

Give your front and garage doors more life by giving them a new or vibrant coat of color. You can also replace your front door with custom wood and add new fixtures. Choose a type of paint and color that is easy to clean and coordinated with your home’s exterior. Potted or hanging planters are excellent for highlighting your door frame and creating a focal poring on your front entrance.

7. Dress your front porch or patio:

Add cozy and welcoming elements to your front yard porch with the right furniture, lighting, and planters. Replace old and dull furniture with a more modern look.

8. Arbors, pillars, or decorative fence panels:

No denying that roses or vines growing are visually pleasing. Growing plants on arbors, pillars, or gates can bring height, color, and fragrance to your front yard or walkway entrance. If you love this idea, don’t stress about how to get it. Landscape Plus Inc. can build durable and long-lasting arbors in a size fit for your yard.

9. Lawn and garden care:

Lawns, shrubs, and gardens require a lot of work and resources to keep them healthy all year round. Consider having an expert commercial landscaping service like Landscape Plus Inc. to maintain a healthy outdoor space and high property value for your home.

10. Get creative with hiding outdoor A/C units:

On the inside, A/C is necessary for keeping cool in the summer heat. However, the exterior units can be an eyesore. Planting box hedges around them or covering them up with custom cedar boxes are visually appealing options we can make for you.

Don’t wait until you need to sell your house to work on your front entrance landscaping. Enjoy every part of living in your home. The Landscape Plus Inc. team can take your dream ideas and provide a front entranceway design that is creative, functional, and within budget. With our commercial landscape services, your home is sure to be the envy of your neighborhood. Contact us today at 519-576-1414 or for an onsite consultation.

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