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December 13, 2021

Where do we start? Landscape design planning is the most important step in any outdoor space. The planning part is the most crucial step and the first step to move forward with a landscape space. There are several elements that need to be looked at when the landscape design planning process begins. What hardscaping, softscaping, drainage, lighting, sound and aesthetic elements are needed or wanted.

Landscape Design Planning Basics

Let’s dive a little deeper into the design & planning aspect of a well thought landscape. Once the initial concept is created, these are the wants and needs of the space, we then look at its use. Will this be a driveway, walkway, roadway, patio, entertaining area, pool area, etc. From there we move to the type materials used to create these.

A landscape plan is not just 2D plan forming what the space will look like and be used for. The initial concept will achieve these but from there we have specifications that we need to build to, just like any construction project. In the landscape industry there set criteria that we need must sustain in order to bring that outdoor space to life, this is where the planning comes in.

  • Interlocking concrete pavements – These types of materials are used for walkways, patios and seating areas, ones where pedestrian track will flow
  • Segmental Concrete Paving Slabs – These types of materials are used for walkways, patios, seating areas, driveways and roadways, ones where pedestrian & vehicular track will flow.
  • Permeable Interlocking concrete pavements – These types of materials are used for all the same reasons above with the exception that they are used where drainage is concerned, water runoff, water tables, flatter surfaces where slope cannot be maintained.
  • Concrete Grid Pavements – They types of materials are used where erosion is of concern and usually used for vehicular traffic flow.

Wow, so much terminology, so many things to consider. These are just a few of that factors that a trained designed professional is going to start to look when planning your landscape. Having a proper landscape plan done at the beginning is going to alleviate a lot of headaches, stress and make sure that we are moving toward the same end goal, together!

Landscape Design Planning

Landscape Design Planning Drawings

Details drawings will ensure the installation executes with the utmost accuracy. The detail plans will have the technical specs, guide specs, materials and layouts for the installation to complete. The training of our designer and installation crews will bring in the construction tolerances that are allowed with building codes, review the technical specifications and ensure that your space in installed to last the test of time and meet the industry specs of building.

Executing a landscape starts with the process of planning, the design. Working with us at Landscape Plus brings an entire team with it, the training, the understanding, the technical stuff and all those fine details. Creating that outdoor oasis is not just a simple sketch, having the team design, draw and maintain all the technical specifications will ensure, not only that the design and all planning is executed accurately and to specifications, it going to make the process much easier to understand, follow along and bring that final space to life, for a long, long time.

If you’re ready to begin your landscape design planning, contact us to get started on your next dream project!

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