LandscapingMaterial Shortages: What affects Supply?

January 25, 2022

There are several factors to consider when looking at what affects supply regarding the material supply shortage.

We can group what affects supply them into five categories.

COVID Issues, Labor shortages, raw materials, freight challenges and weather.

Freight and labor shortages have been at the forefront, but raw materials have slowed down production. The demand is high as the staycation trend continues to grow; suppliers have had a daunting task of keeping up. At LP we recognized this early, we are fully stocked with all the materials needed to continue building those beautiful outdoor spaces. This ability has allowed us to keep jobs on time, on budget with no delays.

Plant material shortages have stemmed from the recession in 2008, most growers cut down on inventory and production not knowing what was going to happen through 2008 and forward. With the demand so high right now and the fact that it takes 10-12 years to grow a midsized evergreen, the supply is low. This is going to take several years to catch up again if it does at all. Our relationship with our growers is strong, we trust them to grow quality plant material, they trust us that we will keep installing and that we install properly to make sure that the material we do put in the ground starts healthy, stays healthy and thrives.

At LP with are set, we have that gorgeous material for you when your job is getting done and that it will finish off that spectacular outdoor space.

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