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September 28, 20210

Absurd as it might sound as we bask in the heat and humidity of an Ontario summer, but before you know it the snow will be flying—and piling up. We kid you not. Awareness of the latter stark reality thus brings up the three following questions:

  • Do you own or manage a commercial property in the vicinity of Guelph, Kitchener, and Waterloo?
  • Have you secured a snow contractor for the upcoming season?
  • Have you reviewed your current snow contract and pricing in the last few years?

If you answered “Yes” to 1), but “Not so much” to 2) and 3), take solace in knowing that at least you are aware of the issues, which is half the battle.

Indeed, other than trepidation about the inevitable meltdown of the Leafs come Stanley Cup time, winter can be a stressful season, especially since recently property managers and owners have been under the gun when it comes to securing a winter maintenance contractor with sufficient liability insurance for commercial properties. Failure to secure a fully insured winter maintenance contractor can leave you vulnerable. Unfortunately, over the last five years some of Canada’s largest insurance companies have canceled contractors’ insurance policies if they hold any winter maintenance contracts. At Landscape Plus we experienced this firsthand in 2018 when, less than one month before our winter contracts we set to begin, we were notified that our insurance company was cancelling our policy due to winter maintenance contracts.

Given the above scenario, Landscape Plus advises commercial property owners to check in now with their snow removal contractor to make sure the company has its insurance in place for the upcoming season—and that if they have any doubts about the contractor’s capacity, to contact LP as soon as possible. LP has the equipment, manpower, reputation for reliability—and insurance—to meet your snow removal needs.

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