Snow RemovalWhy Hire Commercial Snow Removal Services?

November 2, 20220

Winter is just around the corner and some of the area has already seen snow on the ground. If you weren’t aware, we have been providing commercial snow removal services for commercial property in Guelph, Kitchener, Waterloo, and surrounding areas for over 15 years. If you own or manage a commercial property it’s not too late to contact us for a free, no-obligation estimate for your winter property maintenance needs. You can count on Landscape Plus Inc. to show up 24/7 throughout the winter to make sure your commercial property is accessible and safe for staff and customers. Our team of trained professionals will provide timely commercial snow removal services at your property all winter long.


Here are five reasons to hire Landscape Plus Inc. for your commercial snow removal services and to make sure your current provider is giving you the same:


1. We utilize a range of specialized equipment:

Landscape Plus Inc. has the tools and heavy-duty machinery needed to plow and salt any sized property efficiently. We have invested in the best resources and people to ensure your property is hazard-free during winter. We use the right-sized equipment for each property so that we can effectively clear the snow as quickly and safely as possible. We can handle all your winter maintenance needs including snow plowing, sidewalk plowing, salting, and snow removal and haulage if your snow deposit areas get too full.


2. We are a Smart About Salt contractor: 

Do you ever notice properties where the walkways are covered in salt and there’s a white haze over the entire parking lot, days after a snow event? This is an overuse of salt that is damaging to the property as well as to our freshwater supply. As a trained and certified Smart About Salt contractor, we know the effective amount of salt to use on each property for each snowstorm resulting is less salt with the same safe conditions.


3. Liability Insurance:

Slip and fall claims in Ontario have skyrocketed in the past few years both in quantity and the amount of damages being claimed. LP Landscape Plus is insured for $5 million per claim. If you haven’t checked your current provider’s liability limit recently you should make sure they are covered or that cost could come back to the property owner.


4. GPS and technology: 

All of our vehicles and equipment are tracked with GPS devices. Not only does this help us to track and verify our site visits during a storm, but it also helps to prove service records in the event of a slip and fall claim. In addition to our GPS devices, our team uses time-tracking software that allows us to create detailed service records that are done in real-time. These reports can be made available to our property owners and managers each month.

5. Available 24/7: 

We have office staff available during regular business hours in addition to staff available 24/7 during a snow event. You call, we answer or get back to you as soon as possible. You won’t be frustrated wondering when or if your parking lot will be plowed.


Enjoy these benefits of working with us as your landscape and commercial snow removal service. At Landscape Plus Inc, we want to ensure you, your employees, and your guests are safe throughout winter so you can continue to run your business successfully. 


To schedule a site visit and get a quote on your upcoming winter snow and ice removal service on your commercial property, Contact us at 519-576-1414 or

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